The Committee was established in order to provide the governments which contribute to the Perpetual Fund with full access to information and in order to ensure full transparency of the Foundation’s activities. It is a consultative and advisory body. Its members are appointed based on the donor countries’ recommendations.

Argentine Republic – H.E. Patricia Beatriz Salas
Ambassador of Argentina to Poland

Commonwealth of Australia – H.E. Paul Wojciechowski
Ambassador of Australia to Poland  

Republic of Austria – Hanna Lessing
Since 1995 associated with Nationalfonds der Republik Österreich für Opfer des Nationalsozialismus (National Fund of the Republic of Austria for the Victims of National Socialism). She is currently the Secretary General of the Fund. She has authored many publications concerning Austria’s settlement with National Socialism and the WWII period.

Republic of Azerbaijan – H.E. Hassan Aziz Hasanov
Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Poland

Kingdom of Belgium – H.E. Luc Jacobs (awaiting official appointment)
Ambassador of Belgium to Poland 

Republic of Bulgaria – H.E. Emil Savov Yalnazov
Ambassador of Bulgaria to Poland

Canada – H.E. Stephen Cornelius de Boer
Ambassador of Canada to Poland

Cyprus – H.E. Petros Kestoras (awaiting official appointment)
Ambassador of Cyprus to Poland

Czech Republic – H.E. Ivan Jetřáb
Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Poland

Republic of Estonia – Keit Pentus Rosimannus
Member of Parliament

Republic of Finland – H.E. Juha Ottman (awaiting official appointment)
Ambassador of Finland to Poland

French Republic – H.E. Pierre Lévy
Ambassador of France to Poland

Georgia – H.E. Ilia Darchiashvili
Ambassador of Georgia to Poland

Federal Republic of Germany – Rolf Nikel (representative of the government)
Ambassador of Germany to Poland 

Federal Republic of Germany – Jens-Christian Wagner (the Lands’ representative)
Managing Director of the Lower Saxony Memorial Foundation

Hungary – H.E. János Lázár
Member of Parliament

Ireland –  H.E. Emer O’Connell (awaiting official appointment)
Ambassador of Ireland to Poland

Israel – Avner Shalev
Chairman of the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem. Deputy chairman of the International Auschwitz Council. 

Italilan Republic – H.E. Alessandro De Pedys
Ambassador of Italy to Poland

Republic of Lithuania – Darius Skusevičius
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – H.E. Conrad Bruch
Ambassador of Luxembourg to Poland

Principality of Monaco – H.E. Isabelle Berro-Amadeï
Ambassador of Monaco in Berlin

Kingdom of the Netherlands – Ronald van Dartel
Ambassador of the Netherlands to Poland

New Zealand – H.E. Mary Thurston
Ambassador of New Zealand to Poland

Kingdom of Norway – H.E. Olav Myklebust (awaiting official appointment)
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Poland

Portuguese Republic – H.E. João Leitão (awaiting official appointment)
Ambassador of Portugal to Poland

Russian Federation – Alexander Shkolnik
Director of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, Member of the Presidium of Association of Russian Museums

Slovak Republic – H.E. Dušan Krištofík
Ambassador of Slovakia to Poland

Kingdom of Spain – H.E. Belen Alfaro
Ambassador to the UN for Alliance of Civilizations and Dialog among Religions 

Swiss Confederation – H.E. Jürg Burri (awaiting official appointment)
Ambassador of Switzerland to Poland

Kingdom of Sweden – Stefan Andersson
Project leader at The Living History Forum. An expert on history of Germany during World War 2. Responsible for a virtual guide at the Memorial Sites located in Poland for schools, launched by Living History Forum in Spring 2014.  

Republic of Turkey – H.E. Tunç Üğdül
Abassador of Turkey to Poland

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Sir Eric Pickles
UK Special Envoy for post-Holocaust issues

USA – Thomas Yazdgerdi
The Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues of the U.S. State Department